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You are not alone - 80% of women will experience hair loss in their lifetime - we are here for you.

The Healthy Body Bundle

Developed by Female Hair Loss Experts and Tested by You.

Prevent loss, stop shedding, and stimulate new growth from the inside out.

Real People, Real Results

Participants were instructed to take the Revitalizer and Fortifier Supplements daily and one scoop of the Medi Tresse Prebiotic Powder every other day.

Participants received no other treatments 6-month prior to the beginning of the study or during the duration of the trial.

We tracked participants progress over 120-days.

Individual results will vary


Specifically formulated for the female anatomy.

The healthy body bundle provides foundation nutritional support essential for growing healthier hair.

- Growing Results -


Over 75% of women reported a decrease in shedding within 60 days


Over 75% of women reported improvement in overall hair growth within 90 days


100% of women experienced an increase in the ratio of terminal hairs vs vellus hairs and an increase in average hair width per hair count measurements

Over 50% of Women

Reported improvement in the following after 120 days.

- stress levels

- sleep quality

- anxiety levels

- overall well-being

More Growing, Less Shedding

At-Home Treatment Plan prescribed to participants for 120-days



Block the conversion of testosterone to DHT to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

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Premier blend of complexed Vitamin B plus Biotin to grow stronger, healthier hair.

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Medi Tresse Prebiotic


Control inflammation, better absorb nutrients into your body, and grow healthier hair.

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Revitalizer + Fortifier + Medi Tresse Prebiotic

Nourish your body with the nutrients it needs to grow healthier hair from the inside out.



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