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I was always told to trust my gut yet never really told how to treat it...

Gut health is just beginning to make headlines as researchers discover how pivotal our gut health is to our overall health.

The truth is, for many Americans, not only do our diets not deliver the nutrients we need, but they are also pro-inflammatory, which can negatively impact our gut health.

So why should you care about the state of your gut? And how does this impact the health of your hair? Read on and learn why you should be building trust with your gut! 

The human digestive tract is made up of multiple organs, it is about 30 feet long, and is home to about 100 trillion bacteria, both good and bad, known as the gut microbiota. And this community of bacteria and microbes can greatly affect our health.  

While we know the gut microbiota help to breakdown and absorb food, growing evidence is showing that when there is not a proper balance of good vs bad bacteria in the gut microbiota, it can affect:

  • the immune system 
  • systemic inflammation 
  • skin health 
  • poor absorption of nutrients 
  • obesity 

Poor gut health can even play a role in contributing to:

  • diabetes, 
  • depression 
  • some cancers  

When the gut microbiota is not in balance, this is known as gut dysbiosis, and is often caused by poor diets, but can also be caused by stress or some medications.  

So why does this affect your hair health?

Believe it or not, many of the factors we discussed above can negatively impact the hair.  

  • Skin Health – There is a very strong connection between the gut and the skin, and a healthy scalp is important to hair health.  One of our past blog posts Psoriasis and Gut Health, touched on recent research that when the bacterium in the gut is out of balance, it can cause chronic inflammatory conditions in the skin, such as psoriasis, which is common on the scalp.
  • Systemic Inflammation – If inflammation is chronic, it can lead to auto-immune disorders, including ones that affect the hair.  Alopecia Areata and Scarring Alopecia are two types of hair loss that are caused by auto-immune disorders.  Inflammation has also been noted on biopsy in the early stages of Androgenic Alopecia (Female Pattern Hair Loss).
  • Poor Absorption of Nutrients – Hair requires specific nutrients to grow thick and healthy, however, many of these vitamins and nutrients are needed by vital organs as well, and when our body is not receiving enough of them, it allocates them to the vital organs and our hair suffers.

Think of it this way…

Whatever is happening on the outside … started growing from the inside… 

That’s why at Medi Tresse we strongly believe in and advocate for utilizing a multi-therapy approach that includes systemic treatments that focus on nutrition and gut health, to combat these potential negative effects on the hair that stem from poor nutrition and poor gut health.  

The Tresse Prebiotic gut health supplement contains anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and address gut health-related issues that may contribute to hair thinning and hair loss. 

The Tresse Prebiotic contains:

  • A concentrated amount of blue green algae rich with minerals 
  • Proven anti-inflammatory botanicals such as curcumin
  • Aloe, licorice, and beta-glucan which helps soothe and heal the gut 

Our prebiotic starts the anti-inflammation process for the entire body which results in optimized absorption of nutrients and improved overall gut health! 

As our body’s systems are so interconnected, treating and preventing hair loss and thinning, requires a systemic approach that addresses these other areas of concern that can impact the health of our hair.  

As you consider the health of your hair, don’t just trust your gut, take care of it!

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